How to thrift shop (like a PRO)!

(photo belongs to unknown photographer)

I love store brand clothes as much as the next person, but I don’t love spending $20+ for a t-shirt. Why spend $100 on, like, five pieces of clothing when you could spend $20 on ten? I’ve been thrift shopping my way through high school for about two years now, and it’s been the best decision so far. I get more compliments on my thriftier clothes than I do my store-bought. In this post, I’m gonna gift to you my tips on how to thrift like a pro. 

  1. Don’t just visit one – Unfortunately, while we all wish for that one thrift store that has EVERYTHING, it’s just unrealistic. I usually take one Saturday a month to go thrift-store hopping in order to get the BEST clothes possible. 
  2. Don’t let the look/smell/people repel you – Trust me, nobody likes the smell of your grandma’s stale attic, and most thrift stores aren’t the most organized. Be patient, open minded, and don’t let it drive you away from the great deals. 
  3. Experiment – And I don’t mean try summer colors even though you’re an autumn. I bounce back and forth between the men’s section and the women’s section constantly. I’ll use men’s button ups as cardigans and find the comfiest fall sweaters right next to them. And that whacky blouse from the women’s side nobody wanted but the patterns intrigued me? Pulled it off beautifully with the right jeans and accessories. 
  4. Thrift stores don’t JUST sell clothes – You can pretty much find anything at a thrift store. Furniture, books, decor, weird (probably haunted) trinkets, candles, dishes, bags, belts, you get the idea. Make sure to explore! Lots of things you can get for mere cents.
  5. Leather?? – I’ve bought quite a few leather jackets for around $20-$30, which may seem pricey for a thrift store but not when it’s ACTUAL leather. The jackets I bought are worth $100+ at the least. 
  6. Shoes – I know this may seem a little bit too far, but trust me when I say thrift stores have a decent selection of shoes. I don’t mean to buy your prom heels there, but if you need shoes that you know are gonna get beaten up, check out the thrift store. Most of their shoes are in decent to great condition, they’re cheap, and you can ruin them all you like without the guilt of putting good money down the drain. 
  7. Art projects – Before you cut up old jeans or try to DIY your way through your closet, check out your local thrift store for all your odd crafting needs. They usually sell old books for those crafts that require a little touch of literature, old clothes with cool designs for your shirt-made-purses, and much more. 
  8. Nobody will know, trust me – One of the biggest things people think about when they consider thrift shopping is “Will everyone be able to tell I’m not wearing store bought?” The answer is no. As long as it looks cute, no one cares where it came from. Whenever I get complimented on my outfit, I make sure to inform them that I actually got this sweater from the thrift store down the street. I’m not ashamed of good deals, and neither should you be!
  9. Don’t forget to give back – Once you outgrow your clothes, donate them! Give someone a chance to rock your outstanding style! 

As thrift stores are a big part of my life, half my closet is filled with thrifted clothes that look great. I encourage everyone to try to make it part of their lives, too. It’s cheap, it’s cute, and it’s not just for hipsters! 


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